Introduction to Iraje Privileged Access Manager

Organizations worldwide are facing severe challenges around protecting their enterprise privileged accounts order to secure their enterprise from getting compromised, breached or attacked from internal or external threats. Iraje PAM offers a strong enterprise identity and access governance solution to protect enterprises f rom such threats. Take a look at some of the key features of Iraje PAM solution.

  • iURA - Unauthorized Remote Access Alerts

  • Real Zero Trust PAM Solution

  • Agentless PAM Solution from Iraje

  • SSO to all Types of Devices without any connectors/adaptors/agents

  • MFA Options in Iraje PAM

  • Does Your PAM have these capabilities?

  • Manage Monitor Control Privileged Accounts Better with Iraje PAM

  • Iraje PAM Alerts

  • Advanced Video on Demand

  • 4 Easy Steps to Manage your Privileged Identities and Accesses

  • Iraje PAM helps Control Privileged Accounts Better

  • Better Identity Governance

  • Iraje PAM helps Monitor Privileged Accounts Better

  • Better PAM Solution for stakeholders

  • Next Generation PAM from Iraje Software

  • Iraje PAM Helps ManagePrivileged Accounts Better

  • Protect your business from cyber security breaches

  • 6 reasons to choose Iraje PAM

  • Enterprise SSO to all devices out of box

  • MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

Iraje PAM Solution Helps to

Privileged Accounts
  • Manage

    Manage the identities and accesses of all privileged users within the enterprise. Provide privileged users, role based access with single sign on to all enterprise assets.

  • Monitor

    Monitor privileged user accesses to critical enterprise assets. Watch live privileged user sessions and terminate them if necessary. Replay recorded sessions.

  • Control

    Restrict privileged users from executing sensitive commands on systems accessed through SSH and enable restrictions on Windows devices.

  • Discover

    Discover hidden assets, hidden admin accounts, active ports and password sync without any agents.

  • Comply

    Ability to comply to audit and compliance requirements of your business. The reports are available on demand or on schedule on email.

  • Secure

    The PAM admin OS credential is rotated automatically every hour and there is absolutely no access to it, to anyone. This is real Zero Trust Security in PAM solution.


  • Zero Trust Security Model

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  • Managing Insider Threat

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  • Prevent Identity Thefts

    Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person's personally identifiable information, like their name, user ID or password without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. As we all know

  • Data Leak Prevention Through PAM

    In today’s world, where everyone is always connected to internet and with the growth of IT industries, the value of data for specific user or an organization is the most important asset.