Iraje Introduction

Our solution helps enterprises with

Enterprise Single Sign On

SSO to every critical Asset in the Enterprise.

...Provides completely agentless SSO on any device out of box. No API, Connectors, Adaptors required for SSO. Integrates TACACs devices that are integrated with AD.


Multi-factor authentication

Added level of authentications to prevent identity attacks.

...Solution supports all types of second factor authentication including Biometrics, Email/SMS OTP, App Based OTP, Soft/Hard Tokens.


Live monitoring & Control

Watch live user sessions and terminate them if required.

...PAM super admin can Replay recorded sessions and watch live user sessions and terminate the user sessions and can also search text within the videos/session recordings. This gives ability to get visibility and do forensics very quickly.


Discovery Engine

Ability to discover hidden admin accounts and hidden devices along with active ports on target devices.

...The solution helps discover hidden devices in the network along with the active/open ports on those devices. It helps discover hidden admin accounts present on the target devices. These discovery tools help control the risk of unmanaged privileged accounts on critical enterprise assets


Real-time Security Alerts

Solution provides real time alerts on unauthorized accesses by privileged users to critical assets bypassing PAM.

...Solution provides real time security event alerts. These alerts help the security team to get granular visibility on events that are security incidents and potential data breaches.


Behavioural Analytics

Solution provides analytical reports that feeds decision support.

...Solution provides all types of slice and dice reports that help security teams analyze data and security incidents. These reports also help in behavioural Analytics of users.


Compliance Reports

Solution provides all types of reports.

...Reports are available to meet requirements of different regulatory standards like PCI, SOX, HIPPA, ISO27001, GDPR and more


Live Cockpit

Live Cockpit to give real-time view of enterprise privileged accesses includes a 4-blocker that provides

Live Users
Live Devices
Live Commands and
Live CPU, Memory and Storage updates.


Sync Center

Ability to get all servers in sync at all times and find which are not in sync, and sync them on demand.

... This ensures that users have smooth access to targets at all times.