Iraje Privileged Access Manager

Iraje PAM implemented at a Financial Services major


Customer is a conglomerate with revenue exceeding USD 17Bn and leading financial services and engineering company. The company has business interests in financial services, engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and manufacturing and has offices worldwide

  • Customer has more than 25+ group companies spread around and its infra spread over multiple countries.

  • They got reference from one of our existing customers who recommended them to try Iraje PAM for their enterprise PAM requirements.

  • Iraje PAM was evaluated as part of their process. They tested our solution for over 2 months and gave their users to use the solution.

  • Post a 1-year rigorous evaluation with 4 competitive POCs and multiple customer visits and reference checks, customer chose Iraje to manage their enterprise PAM requirements starting with their Corporate entity.

  • Post successful implementation, they implemented Iraje PAM for 10 more of their group entities.

Customer was happy with the quick implementation and production support provided by Iraje team.

They got good control on their privileged accounts across their enterprise and successfully enforced Iraje PAM across their organization

Key Challenges

  • Lack of visibility on enterprise privileged accounts

  • Compliance requirement to implement an enterprise-wide PAM

  • Security incidents within the organization

  • Governance issues with multiple vendors supporting their critical systems

Iraje PAM Highlights

  • Iraje PAM deployed in multiple entities group wide

  • Successful password enforcement of devices through Iraje PAM

  • Secure access to privileged users and full audit trails of every activity

  • Visibility and Control on privileged passwords

Outcomes and Benefits

  • 10 more group companies implemented Iraje PAM.

  • All privileged accesses enforced through Iraje PAM

  • They got visibility and control on their diverse enterprise environment

  • They improved compliance to security requirements and closed audit gaps

  • Iraje PAM is a mission critical solution for their businesses now

  • They have now implemented advanced PAM features of Windows Restrictions and Unauthorized Remote Access Alerts