Iraje Privileged Access Manager

Implementation of Iraje PAM in one of the largest
media house in Asia


Customer is one of the oldest [180+ year old] and largest media houses in Asia Pacific with over USD 1.5 Bn in revenue and over 11,000 employees. They have multiple group companies and distributed infrastructure over different locations. Their admins were spread over multiple cities with over 100+ outsourced partner resources working on managing their infrastructure remotely.

Customer was evaluating multiple PIM/PAM solution for the organization. They scanned the market for 7 enterprise PAM solutions that provided the identity and access governance along with security features required by them. The evaluation process took over a year post which they shortlisted 3 solutions to do POC.

Iraje PAM was evaluated as part of the minimum 3 POCs to be done. Post the POC of all the 3 solutions they announced Iraje PAM to be T1 with much better support capabilities than any of the competing solutions.

Post the commercial negotiations through auction they chose Iraje to manage their entire group security requirements.

Key Challenges

  • Unable to manage all the privileged credentials of their core systems

  • Limited password rotation of super user credentials

  • Limited visibility and control on the privileged accounts in the organization

  • Geographic spread made it more difficult to manage the diverse infrastructure with multiple vendors

Iraje PAM Highlights

  • All enterprise assets from servers, databases, routers, switches, firewalls and browser consoles integrated in Iraje PAM

  • Integrated network devices configured through TACACS

  • Password enforcement of devices including TACACS devices

Outcomes and Benefits

The implementation took around 2 months with full active-active setup for DC. PAM DR was configured in passive mode. Iraje also implemented TACACS integration of Network devices in PAM.

Customer was happy with the implementation and the identity and access governance provided by Iraje PAM. Key highlights of the implementation:

  • 10,000+ privileged IDs integrated in Iraje PAM

  • 180+ privileged users using Iraje PAM for their daily operations

  • Network devices configured with TACACS integration in Iraje PAM

  • Onsite support with dedicated Iraje PAM trained resources

  • Simplified Audits and Compliance

  • Brought security and controls on their internal environment

Customer Speak

“Iraje PAM is really simple to deploy and use. The solution is good and helped improve the visibility and control on enterprise-wide privileged accounts. It’s a great tool to manage outsourced environments with cloud infra”.

IT Infra Head