Release Note → V8.0.0

Version 8.0.0

About updates

A patch is a piece of software designed to fix problems with or update a computer program or its supporting data. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs and improving the usability or performance

Patch management is the process of using a strategy and plan of what patches should be applied to which systems at a specified time


The size of patches may vary from a few kilobytes to hundreds of megabytes — mostly more significant changes imply a larger size, though this also depends on whether the patch includes entire files or only the changed portion(s) of files.

Compared with the initial installation of software, patches usually do not take long to apply.

In the case of operating systems and computer server software, patches have the particularly important role of fixing security holes. To facilitate updates, operating systems often provide automatic or semiautomatic update facilities.

System administrators, tend to put off applying patches until they can verify the stability of the fixes. In the cases of large patches or of significant changes, distributors often limit availability of patches to qualified developers as a beta test.

Iraje team tests the patches first and then ships it at customer locations to ensure that it works in customer environments.

Version 8.0.0 Enhancements

  • New GUI

  • Azure Ad authentication login

  • Entrust and twilio

  • Web RDP.(RDP over 443 port only)

  • Change passowrd via password via powershell

  • TBA time extension

  • SPW time extension

  • IURA CLI Bypass with protocol identification(RDP and Network)

  • Additional fields required in create connection section of ACM(use for IURA)

  • I-WAR

  • Able to change dashboard skin background via dashsrv

  • Google|Microsoft on 2FA

  • Google|Microsoft on 3FA

  • Multi Threading support otp delay solved

  • User reset option available on all server (primary/active)

  • Exclusion of VPN ips in IURA Bypass reports

  • Whitelist with user and server ip in IURA


  • New recoder

  • Web based

  • Performance improvement

  • Connection based video play

  • Command based video play

  • Live Session view/termination in Video on demand(VOD)

  • Global command filter

  • Remove Sql server dependency

  • Support latest window OS 2019

  • Support latest TLS version

  • Support Active-Active architecture

  • Manage script

  • Recoding backup configurable as per end user

  • Password policy in acm (added max Repeat characters and max characters matching with old password)

  • Added new connection type (SECRET SAFE), it's used for vault user credential

  • Store hashing password(RED)

  • Terminal-RDP allow copy paste on connection based

  • SCP,SSH,SFTP automation support

  • SSH Key Management (suppirt .PEM and .PPK file). on SSH device and file transfer

  • Clear Cache password support

  • Custom port support on RDP,SSH device

  • PAM to target communication in enrypted

Bugs Fixes

  • Biometric login issue fixed

  • Google authenticator replication

  • User/connection [creation/deletion] replication

  • Connection master( not showing proper data) fixed

  • Connection master user not showing alphabetically order

  • User specific issue for biometric. of -f is used in username fixed

  • Connection reassign from one group to another group

  • Multiple and single approval in maintain user,connection

  • IURA agent version display issue in cpntrol panel while installing agent

  • Additional 3 users are listing in license reports

  • Slowness login issue fixed

  • New connection Backup username /password required validation disable done

  • Sync center GUI fixed

  • Cockpit slowness issue fixed