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Installing Iraje PAM Solution

Iraje PAM Solution is an interface for the user and administrator to communicate with the vault and leverage system services. This guide provides detailed information for setting up Iraje PAM Solution in your environment.

Pre-installation tasks

  • You have the license file available with you

  • You have set up a web server

  • You have installed Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or latest

  • You have installed Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

  • You must have minimum 5 client access license(CALs)

  • You must have a valid SSL certificate

Minimum requirement for PAM Solution

Latest Iraje PAM Solution patch

Check With Iraje security team

Operating System

Server 2019 Standard evalution edition (Minimum server 2012 R2/2016)


16 GB

User ID

Administrator (Should be in Administrators Group)


Device CALs (5 Minimum)

Server type


Installation Procedure
  • Iraje PAM Phase 1: PowerShell scripts execution

  • Application Installation

  • Product Key Deployment

  • Phase 1 checklist

  • Iraje PAM Phase 2: Product initialization & PAM deployment

  • Phase 2 Checklist