Managing & reviewing session logs

Session Management capability in the system records metadata and video logs of the session initiated
This section provides detailed information for managing & reviewing session logs and consists of the following topics

View Session recordings

Session recordings along with metadata are securely stored in the system. Activity and session information can be viewed in the following ways

  • Sessions view

    This provides a complete view of session activities with advanced search capabilities

  • Risk view

    This provides an overview of user activities grouped day-wise and segregated based on their risk scoring

  • Activity view

    Session activities based on configured asset types, categories and real-time analytics of user sessions

Understanding session log

Session log provides information about sessions such as username, IP, asset type, activity, date and time. Functions supported for each session activity includes

  • Viewing session logs

  • View command logs

  • View session details

Tracking user activity

Session log information along with Activity Analysis makes it easier for viewing and interpreting the type of activity

Viewing session recording & metadata

You can view video session data by clicking on the VOD log in Iraje PAM

Searching a session

You can search a particular session in the VOD gallery view. To search a session in the Session View you need to click on the Filters button at the top of the page which will provide you with details of the user VOD log and command executed with in the active session.

Monitoring or terminating live sessions

Monitoring live user sessions provide a way to monitor users who are currently accessing sessions using the Iraje PAM VOD platform. This helps in real-time view of vendor activities and/or preventing risky user sessions on a real-time basis.