Just in time access

A true least privilege security model requires users, processes, applications, and systems to have “just enough” rights and access to perform tasks and for no longer than necessary.

Time restricted access is essential to ensure compliance to the principle of least privileges and minimum necessary access to be given to people who need them. This feature ensures admins get access to systems only for a window of time that they need. Post that they need to revalidate the need to manage/access that device or access to PAM Portal itself.

Just in time Access feature is available at 2 levels

  • At the PAM portal level (Users can get time restricted access to Iraje PAM portal)

  • At the device level (Users can get time restricted access to the devices)

Time restricted access along with self service workflow allows Just In Time access to users rather than long term or permanent access to the systems.

This feature is critical to infra security and ensure that no long term or permanent accesses are available with admin users.