Automating privileged tasks

A user can perform any activity or task with privileged access to a system. A task is a sequence of commands that can be executed only with the help of privileged access. Generally, to execute a privileged task, an administrator is required as they have privileged access to the organization’s assets.

To manage these devices the privileged users, keep simple, weak, repeatable & guessable super user passwords across multiple devices. These super user credentials or privileged accounts are extremely critical and important to manage. A single compromise may lead to the entire network or the datacenter getting compromised leading to a massive security breach. These super user passwords need to be vaulted and rotated periodically to ensure these passwords don’t get in wrong hands or get compromised. Iraje Privileged Access Manager helps manage these super user credentials by providing enterprise Single Sign On to all types of devices out of the box without any API, connector, or adaptor. Moreover, the user will not require device-specific knowledge from the operator for executing any task, and dependency among people will be removed.

Iraje PAM offers Privileged SSO to all types

  • Servers

  • Databases

  • Database management tools

  • Switches accessed over SSH or browser

  • Routers accessed over SSH or browser

  • Firewalls accessed over SSH or browser

  • Devices accessed over SSH or browser

  • Thick clients, Web-based applications

  • Client-Server applications