Vertical Presence


The banking industry is the most vulnerable to security incidents as it is the back bone of the industry, nation and world at large. Iraje PAM helps banks from security breaches, cybersecurity attacks and insider threats and improve their governance, risk, and compliance to regulatory requirements. Iraje PAM has many bank customers who trust it for managing and monitoring the privileged accesses within their enterprises.

Financial Services

Enterprises providing financial services are more vulnerable to security breaches and incidents since they deal with money and financial transactions. It is one of the favorites of cyber criminals and fraudsters. It is extremely important for these financial services companies to protect their environment and ensure they don't lose money and brand image due to security breaches. Iraje PAM helps financial services companies protect their environment specially from the insiders who may try to compromise their systems for a quick buck.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The data sensitivity in healthcare is of primary concern. The research data in pharma companies and data privacy of healthcare companies make it necessary to have a PAM solution that helps them secure their enterprises from the rising threat of insider frauds. Iraje PAM has customers in this space who use it for risk management and compliance.


The global nature of media houses and integration with partners, content providers and other stakeholders make it imperative to have effective and efficient security system to prevent identity attacks and transparent access to users globally. Iraje PAM helps media companies with the complete audit trails of every access and activity done by users, thereby securing infra and managing their global compliance requirements.

Energy and Utilities

The size of the energy and utility companies is generally in billions of dollars. Massive security breaches in this industry have woken up to the entire industry and they have realized the criticality of having a PAM solution to meet their security challenges. Iraje PAM has helped companies in this space to secure their enterprises and govern them better.


The manufacturing industry focuses predominantly on their core business of manufacturing the products and have very little focus on security due to limited skills and investments. This makes them extremely vulnerable to attacks from insiders as well as outsiders. Iraje PAM helps them dwarf this threat and secure their enterprise assets from getting compromised. Iraje PAM has customers in manufacturing space who have evolved and taken security to the next level.


The IT industry being a service provider to enterprises worldwide has to doubly secure their environments as a single compromise leads to massive data breaches for the customers. They are governed by contracts with extensive security requirements. Iraje PAM helps them manage, monitor and secure their enterprises better. Iraje customers in the IT/ITES use Iraje PAM extensively to govern their enterprise environment and meet their security obligations towards their customers.


The insurance industry is reeling under the pressure of increasing volumes and reducing the cost. In the process the security costs add additional pressure on them. Due to security breaches around privileged users and data compromises the industry has realized the cost benefit of investing in security solutions like PAM to avoid the security breaches while focusing on increasing volumes and acquiring new business. Iraje PAM acts as an insurance cover to protect their critical data and assets from getting compromised.


The retail industry is a business with integrated supply chains and payment systems to run the business. These diverse system integrations make them vulnerable to security incidents that cause not only huge financial losses but also massive loss of brand image.

They are also governed by lot of security compliances on the payments side which makes it mandatory to have solutions like PAM to help them comply to these security standards. Iraje has a lot of retail customers who use Iraje PAM for ensuring identity and access governance, preventing frauds, and complying to the security standards laid down by card industry.


This industry deals with very large manufacturing contracts and security around their manufacturing processes and data is of extreme importance. Iraje has defense customers who trust us for securing their business against the impending threat of security breaches and help get more visibility and control on their infrastructure. Iraje PAM helps fence their businesses against the risk of internal as well as external threats.