Active Change Manager

Product Focus

Control security access to changes in Schema (DDL), Work area hierarchy, and Data (DML), thus providing the mechanisms for real time Computer Audits.

Product Description

ActiveChangeManager allows the user to define the security access for any specific schema, how multiple database users can access and work in a cooperative environment, with restricted privileges with respect to database schema design, data and audit information.

Iraje End User Suite

Product Architecture

The solution architecture is highly scalable. It can support hundreds of users and thousands of devices. It has multiple options to support active-active or active-passive architectures.

Database Compatibility:

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • DB2

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows95/98/ME

  • WindowsNT/2000 client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network

Technical Requirements:

  • Pentium 100MHz or higher

  • 10MB hard disk space

  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)


  • All users have a consistent real-time secured vision of multiple instances of all corporate database applications.

  • ActiveChangeManager provides an encrypted password algorithm where by the user is prevented from knowing the direct SQL database passwords for sensitive production databases.

  • All database changes are recorded, along with the exact SQL that has been executed as well as the specific database user who executed the SQL.

  • Ability to freeze the database schema at anytime from a single controlling point.

  • Ability to allow the users SQL access to databases with restricted SQL privileges. E.g. DROP table and DELETE CUSTOMER operations may be restricted by the ActiveChangeManager for a particular production database

  • Ability to restrict specific data access provides the data base application owner the means to prevent a developer from querying sensitive production database information, while allowing this developer to modify and work with the schema design if necessary.

  • ActiveChangeManager also allows the changes to work its way around a change management and approval process, thus providing a controlled environment for database design changes. This is an option that can be turned ON when the system enters implementation/production stage

Application Area

  • To restrict users from uncontrolled SQL access on production databases

  • To allow full access to developers on development databases, at the same time controlling the changes via the recording feature whereby all changes and changed by information is being recorded

  • Changes on one database schema instance can be propagated effortlessly to another database instance, e.g. Changes in the DEVL environment can be propagated to the PROD database

  • Where it is required to provide access to the audit control information, but not allow direct access to database changes or schema changes.