Active Forms

Product Focus

Provide a MODEL based diagram method to create database forms.

Product Description

ActiveForms is a diagram or picture driven data entry generation tool for Databases. ActiveForms enhances the level of ease, by eliminating the guesswork required by the user in defining parent/child relationships when building database forms. ActiveForms presents the user with a Model of the underlying schema, and thus adds to the ease of creating COMPLEX forms by requiring the user to only select part of the diagram in order to create a data entry form. Thus, via the user schema, ActiveForms provides a BIG PICTURE approach to building forms.

Iraje Design Suite

Product Architecture

The solution architecture is highly scalable. It can support hundreds of users and thousands of devices. It has multiple options to support active-active or active-passive architectures.

Database Compatibility:

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • DB2

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows95/98/ME

  • WindowsNT/2000 client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network

Technical Requirements:

  • Pentium 100MHz or higher

  • 10MB hard disk space

  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)


  • ActiveForms is model driven, and thus is a much simpler means of creating data entry screens by allowing the user to create forms via a picture of connected tables.

  • ActiveForms automatically picks the path for a selection of tables.

  • No programming is required, all SQL is generated automatically.

  • Support for HTML forms for data entry and maintenance using a standard WEB Browser.

Application Area

  • Any Oracle application, new or existing, custom or industry standard application, ActiveForms pushes the envelope of EASE of USE one step further by requiring the user to only select a portion of a displayed diagram to create forms.

  • ADHOC form creation requirement without compromising standard functionality