Active Data Move

Product Focus

To move data across user tables, schemas and across databases using a Model driven interface.

Product Description

Allows the user to move data across user tables, across different user schemas, and across distributed databases. It allows the user to specify contingencies for data extraction, and thus, enables the movement of data across the enterprise databases and satisfy complex ETL requirements.

Iraje Design Suite

The solution architecture is highly scalable. It can support hundreds of users and thousands of devices. It has multiple options to support active-active or active-passive architectures.

Database Compatibility:

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • DB2

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows95/98/ME

  • WindowsNT/2000 client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network

Technical Requirements:

  • Pentium 100MHz or higher

  • 10MB hard disk space

  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)


  • Scans and locates SQL code in database structures such as procedures, functions, triggers, as well as non-database structures such as scripts, text files, programs, and gathers them in a nicely formated spreadshee

  • ActiveTuningAnalyzer boosts the system performance by quickly and efficiently analyzing SQL

  • Analyzes and recommends whether indexes are required in the query to maintain optimal performance

  • Checks for the validity of the indexes present in the database.

  • Extremely simple to set up and use by a developer.

Application Area

  • Identify indexes that are being incorrectly used hampering database performance.

  • Enhance throughput by restructuring the indexes wherever necessary.

  • Troubleshoot performance problems by detecting offensive SQL statements and missing bind variables

  • Acquire a better picture on how to minimize resource consumption while producing the same result set.