Iraje user manual for MAC users release 7.5


A normal access to datacentre devices is generally done through windows desktops, laptops or VDIs. However there are many users who use MAC on Linux machines. These are developers, application users or specialized end users who access servers using MAC or Linux desktops.

To access Iraje PAM from these machines, the users need to download the Iraje Plugin for MAC machines.


To Train the users on how to login into MAC OS. This manual will help the users to get familiar with the Iraje PAM application and how to use it effectively on MAC OS.

Target Audience

MAC Users Using Iraje PAM

MAC Plugin Operating Procedure

Users using MAC Operating System to login to PAM Applications need to follow below process & pre-requisite:

  • User needs to install latest Oracle JRE & JDK on their MAC machine

  • Allow PAM URL in System Preferences → Java control panel → security settings → allow sites

Workflow to access PAM Dashboard from MAC machine

Step 1: User needs to open PAM URL on browser & enter there username, credential & select the domain required

Step 2: click on 'Access Control Directory' and a plugin file will be downloaded automatically into the user local machine . User needs to rename the downloaded file i.e. 'LinuxRDP1.aspx' to 'Linux RDP1.jnlp '

Step 3: The downloaded file 'Linux RDP1.jnlp ' needs to be open with 'Java Web Start' as shown below ( System -> Library -> CoreServices -> Java Web Start)

Step 4: In downloaded directory of MAC machine open 'LinuxRDP1.jnlp' file and click on 'continue' to grant required permission

Step 5: Select the checkboxes as shown below & click on 'Run' to invoke PAM application

Step 6: Users are connected to PAM ACD & will be able to access the target devices via authentication