Iraje Reports manual version 8


An audit trail (also called audit log) is a security-relevant chronological record, set of records, and/or destination and source of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event.

The ability to follow records back to their origin provides numerous benefits, including transparency and a defence of records for compliance, record integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or vital information.

This document is the user manual for the Reports Module. It explains all the reports and the information that is provided by those reports and its importance in PAM solution for audit and regulatory compliance relevant to the customer business.


A good audit trail reporting platform enables the customer to:

  • Be compliant with the law or standards

  • Give the micro details of an incident and forensic on answer key questions of who, when, where and why did the incident happen

  • Do root cause analysis to avoid repeating a particular issue

  • Help troubleshoot issues by checking the text logs and video logs

The reports are critical to managing the governance, risk and compliance of the organization.

Target Audience

Auditors, Risk Managers, IT Security Teams

Iraje PAM Reports Modules classification

Iraje PAM report module is the most comprehensive module offering multiple reports that assists auditors , security managers in monitoring and auditing purpose in Iraje PAM.

The following classifications of PAM reports are available:

  • Access Reports

  • System Reports

  • Audit Reports

  • Analytical Reports

  • Trend Report

  • Compliance Reports

  • Agent Reports

  • Time Based Access

  • Out Of Office Report

  • Domain Child Connections

  • Password Enforcement

  • License Report

  • Replication Report

Access Reports

Access reports are used to extract information regarding a user usage and non-usage, connections usage and non-usage and dashboard related activities configured in Iraje.

System Reports

System Reports provides the detailed information of User Accesses and Devices configured on PAM .

Audit Reports

Audit Reports are used to extract information regarding various aspects which would provide crucial details that are neccesary with respective to audit purpose.

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports are graphical representation of reports which are commonly used for analysing and monitoring, for better user understanding.

Trend Report

Trend reports are graphical representation of reports which are commonly used for analysing and monitoring, for better user understanding.

Compliance Report

Compliance report are used to extract information regarding comply certain rules, methods and are neccesary with respective to audit purpose.

Agent Report

Agent Report provide the details of un-authorized login for Windows and Linux servers.

Time Based Access Report

Time Based Access report details the list of all temporary accesses provided to an external users for a specific period of time.

Out of Office Report

Out of Office Report displays data of connection being accessed after office hours.

Domain Child Connections Report

Domain Child Connections Report displays data of domain-child connection configured in PAM.

Password Enforcement Report

Password Enforcement Report provides the details of connections passwords i.e. password status , expiry ,modified etc

License Report

License report provides details of user and connection license in PAM.

Replication Report

Replication Report will show real time logs for Replication.