Iraje PAM Sync center version 8


This document is the user manual for Sync Center manual. It explains module and steps of how to use them.


The main purpose of this module is to sync the connections which are out of sync. This manual will help the users get familiar with this module and how to use it effectively in their environment.

Target Audience

End Users | Admins Using Iraje PAM

Discover Password Sync

The client can sync the connections which are out of sync in the PAM by going to Sync Center in Iraje PAM Dashboard.

The prerequisite to Sync Center is creation of IBKUSER

IBK user

IBKUSER is Iraje Backup User. It’s mainly used to sync connections which are out of sync. IBKUSER can be created in Windows & Linux. Demonstration of creation of IBKUSER on Windows & Linux is as follows:

Creation of IBKUSER in Windows

For creating an ibkuser in a Windows server perform the following steps:

    Step 1: Go to Active Directory

    Step 2: Right click on Users and select New & select User

    Step 3: Enter basic details of the ibkuser

    Step 4: Enter Password and check on Password never expire

    Step 5: Go to Properties of ibkuser

    Step 6: Go to Member Of tab & Click on Add and do as following

    Step 6.1: Add Administrators & click on OK

    Step 6.2: Administrators is created

    Step 7: Now create a connection of that target server where ibkuser was created

Creating IBKUSER in Linux

    Step 1: Go to any UNIX Device via ‘Access Control Directory’ and switch user to root

    Step 2: Create an ibkuser as follows

    Step 3: Enter following command #cat /etc/sudoers

    Step 4: Go to where # Allow members of group sudo to execute any command & add ibkuser in there as follows:

    Step 5: Go to ‘Sync Center’ from Iraje PAM Dashboard

    Go to ‘On Demand Scan’, select the connection and click on ‘Scan’

    Step 6: Go to the ’Sync Center’- ‘Scan Status’ and check status of the synced IP connection

    Step 7: Go to Sync Center

    Step 8: Go to ‘Sync Center’

Sync Center Modules

There are 4 sub modules in Sync Center

    Scan Status:

    This shows status of connections, whether they are working or not. A green tick indicates that a connection is working. A red tick indicates that a connection is out of sync.

    Sync Status:

    It displays the connections which were successfully synced.

    On Demand Scan:

    This module scans the connections and syncs them.

    Sync Center Setting:

    This module lets you scan and sync connections on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.