Why Iraje PAM

Iraje PAM is the most feature rich solution at the most reasonable price.

Proven Solution

Iraje has a pedigree of over two decades in the security space which gives us the depth and maturity in designing and developing the PAM solution that helps improve the security posturing and actual controls of enterprises. Over the years Iraje has proven that the solution helps enterprise improves the visibility and control on enterprise IT environment.

Continuous Innovations

Iraje has innovated in the security space over the years with new to the world capabilities in PAM space. Iraje has many firsts like Single Sign On to all enterprise assets without any connector or adaptor.

  • • PAM bypass alerts on Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX devices
  • • Command search within videos with Live session viewing and Live termination
  • • Alerts on remote login to Windows environment

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA and as part of our belief system that we need to pre-empt security breaches to prevent huge financial and brand losses to our enterprise customers worldwide.

Scalable and
Secure Architecture
Two big challenges with PAM solutions are:
  • • Single point of failure
  • • Single point of compromise

The Iraje PAM architecture addresses both these challenges very effectively.

The active-active setup at an application level and the redundancy with HA and DR setups make it fail-safe. The maintenance and monitoring of the PAM infra ensures the solution is available all the time and operations team have seamless access to all their assets 24*7.

The security around the PAM solution with no access to PAM OS, encrypted communication and completely secure password vault adds to the real and effective Zero Trust Security paradigm enforced in Iraje PAM.

Iraje PAM address both these challenges more effectively than other PAM solutions.

Better Support

PAM is a mission critical solution that the operations team needs to do their activities 24*7 and a security gateway for ensuring all identities and accesses are securely managed through the solution. Enterprises need real time support for this solution and Iraje takes full responsibility of all its customer PAM environments directly. This ensures that the TATs are low, and the mission critical support is available to customers. Without a proper support model, this solution is virtually of no use.

Solution Roadmap

Iraje has always been on the forefront of innovations by bringing in easy, efficient, and effective controls that help customers quickly implement and enforce controls to improve their governance, risk, and compliance.

Our solution roadmap makes us believe that we are ready to take on the future of security needs better than others. We will continue the 3S paradigm of Simple, Secure and Scalable PAM solution.