Product Focus:
Provide an editor window for running SQL commands, while providing complete change management as well as privilege controls over SQL execution.

Product Description:
Active+ is a convenient SQL work window, allowing the user to edit, save, recall, and print the SQL commands with ease. While the work area provides ease of use, Active+ provides serious controls on the SQL being executed as the schema owner can define restrictions to SQL commands that can be issued and executed from an Active+ window. Also, all SQL commands executed via Active+ are logged and users can be audited and profiled by viewing the log activity.

Screen Shot of Active+

  • Ease of use in editing and executing SQL commands via an OLE window that allows the user to copy, cut, paste, print, recall and generate SQL commands.
  • Security controls on SQL access to the underlying database. A list of SQL command restrictions can be maintained by each schema owner for Active+ users.
  • Auditing of the SQL is provided when users access and run DDL and DML commands against the database. The statements are logged with ActiveChangeManagerTM . Thus, user DDL/DML activity across the database instance can be reviewed when access is restricted via Active+.
  • Query Builder in Active+ allows the user to quickly generate SQL select, insert, update and delete statements via simple clicks.
  • Build controls on data access by restricting specific select statements via Active+. E.g.: restrict "SELECT EMP_SALARY", will restrict any user from running a select statement on the EMP_SALARY table, while allowing the user to perform other routine actions.

Application Area:

  • Provide controlled access to database schemas such as production databases where the DML/DDL accesses must be restricted and sometimes audited.
  • Provide a means of protecting sensitive production data from being queried by general database user community, by providing SELECT controls on specific database tables.

Database Compatibility: Oracle

Operating System Compatibility: Windows95/98/ME, WindowsNT/2000 client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network.

Technical Requirements: Pentium 100 MHz or higher, 10MB hard disk space, 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended).

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