Product Focus:
Identify the impact of database object changes on other objects in databases and file systems across the enterprise.

Product Description:
ActiveImpact allows you to study the impact that a change in a database object will produce on other objects. By providing a list of all the objects that will be affected by the change, users are given a clear view on the impact of the changes prior to the change being affected. Based on the impact information, users can make a better decision on whether or not to proceed with the database changes.

Screen Shot of ActiveImpact
  • Provides vision on what the effect of a change would mean to the current application as well as other applications across the enterprise.
  • Allows the user to analyze the results of changes prior to implementing the changes.
  • Enhances developer design and maintenance facets by providing a vision on the effects of object changes while actively designing new applications in a networked enterprise with existing custom as well as industry standard applications.
  • Reduces redundancies in design by identifying similar dependent functionality across the application.
  • Speed up change and maintenance activity by providing a mechanism of clearly providing the impact analysis safety check and thus a quick turn around go-ahead on the database changes.
  • Reduce application downtime by eliminating arbitrary and unanalyzed changes across applications. This results in productivity gains for all front-end developers who can now program without having to deal with sudden program breakdowns due to inadvertent database changes.

Application Area:

  • Upon analysis of the impact data, multiple database changes can be made across the applications in batches.
  • During development when changes are constantly required by developers. ActiveImpact will speed up the entire development activity by pushing through the changes quickly after rapid analysis.

Database Compatibility: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2

Operating System Compatibility: Windows95/98/ME, WindowsNT/2000 client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network.

Technical Requirements: Pentium 100 MHz or higher, 10MB hard disk space, 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended).

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