Product Focus:
Data Transformation, Cleaning and Loading.

Product Description:
ActiveDataTransformer provides a mechanism to automatically import raw data on a schedule, clean the data using user defined rules, followed by data loading via generation of merged insert scripts as well as merged flat files.

Screen Shot of ActiveDataTransformer

  • Enables Data Cleaning on a scheduled as per user defined rules stored in the ActiveDataTransformer repository.
  • Enables transformation of the data as per user defined rules.
  • Allows merging of multiple record sets into a uniform set or insert script.
  • Allows the user to migrate the data between disparate sources and databases.
  • Allows the user to resequence the data columns.

Application Area:

  • Where there is a need to merge data from multiple databases and/or data dumps from various legacy systems.
  • When the data fields are incorrect and requires correction by the application of standard arithmetic rules, date formatting rules, data concatenation with pre and post fixes, nullifying the data based on defined conditions, switching data based on user defined conditions, etc.
  • Generation of insert scripts from data obtained from multiple files and databases.
  • When data needs to be transformed, cleaned, merged and loaded on a schedule.

Database Compatibility: Oracle, SQLServer

Operating System Compatibility: Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP client connecting to ANY Database on the corporate network.

Technical Requirements: Pentium 100 MHz or higher, 10MB hard disk space, 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended).

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